Breakfast cereal corn flakes making machine price


Breakfast cereal corn flakes making machine price

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1. Raw Materials: (breakfast cereal corn flakes machine)

    Main corn Powder and Other Cereals Powder

2. Products: (corn flakes making machine)

    All kinds of snacks with different shapes and types.
3. Capacity: (corn flakes machine)

    60-80 KG/H,100-150KG/H ,200 -250KG/H,300-350 KG/H
4. Flow Chart: (corn flakes making machine price)

    Mixing —Extruding —Flaking —Drying — Baking —Coating —Baking —Cooling
5. Voltage: (corn flakes machine price)

     Three phases: 380V/50HZ, Single phase: 220V/50HZ, also can make it according to customers'      local voltage of different countries

6. Machines Materials: (Breakfast cereal corn flakes making machine price)

    All the machines are made by food grade stainless steel. 

breakfast cereal corn flakes machine

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