Pet/ dog chew machine/ production line


Pet/dog chew machine/ production line

At present, the main dog chewing gum production line of Jinan Sunrising Machinery Co., Ltd. is configured as follows:

 1) Single-colored dog chew gum directly extruded by single screw.

 2) Single-colored Dog Bite Gum Formed by Twin Screw Curing and Single Screw Extrusion

 3) Two-color dog chewing gum molded by single screw and single screw core injection

pet chew machine

The main production process of dog chewing gum is as follows: 

 Mixing powder-screw feeding-single screw (single and double or single and single)-cooling conveyor-cutting machine-oven-packaging

Characteristics of Single Screw Extruder;

 1. Adopt advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology to make the equipment run more smoothly and save electricity; 

 2. The screw is nitrided with alloy steel, and its service life is longer.

 3. Visible full-automatic temperature control system, more intuitive temperature control

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