Pet dog food machine/ production line


Pet dog food machine/ production line

Granules are then shaped when they are extruded through the die. They are then put through a dryer, which reduces moisture (generally between 8 and 10%). Product flavors are then added before cooling and packaging.


a. different combination can produce differnent products

b. various dies can produce various shapes pet food.

c. touch screen to control ,easy to operate .

d. cooling ,heating feeding flavoring system controled by touch screen

e. different extruder produce different throughout. 

Pet dog food machine/ production line

Raw materials used in pet food processing include cereal flour, vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins and, in some cases, meat or fish flour and fresh meat.

The dog/pet food should be nutritious and delicious. Make them grow healthyIt should make our pets healthy and also make them happy.

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