Puffed dog food machine


Puffed dog food machine

Puffed dog food is a special food for pet dogs, which is made by mixing many nutritive materials, extruding puffed food with twin screw puffing machine, dehydrating with belt dryer, spraying with sprayer and flavoring.The moisture content of dog food is generally less than 12%.This kind of food is more and more accepted and sought after by people because of its nutrition, balanced, long shelf life, easy to feed and carry, and affordable price.

The puffing machine of dog food produced by the Sunrising company is mainly processed by double screw puffing machine, which is more stable than general single screw puffing machine

Different allocation according to different output, please consult for details.

Installation service: our company sends technicians to the customer site to install the equipment and test the machine

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