2019 shanghai pet food machinery exhibition


2019 shanghai pet food machinery exhibition

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pet food machinery

Pet food production line

     Pet food production line can produce all kinds of pet food, including dog, cat, fox, bird and so on.pet food machinery uses twin-screw extruder, the whole work flow for dog food machinery can be controlled exactly by parameter. Different raw material and nutrient elements can be added together according to advanced formula, so the final products are tasty and easy to digest.

  • Water content is below 12%

  • Digestibility can reach 70%

  • Nutrition is comprehensive and balanced

  • Easy to carry, long shelf life

dog food machinery

 Our Company:

Jinan Sunrising Machinery Co,.Ltd is a leading manufacturer for snack food extruder. We have many years' experience of making extruder machines and providing special customize service.

We can provide customers with personalized equipment or complete plant layout and production lines to meet customer needs.

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Jinan Sunrising Machinery Co., Ltd.

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